We must reach for our potential even as we preserve the foundations that have made our community so exceptional.

My name is Tim Conroy and I'm asking for your vote on November 3 for an at-large seat on the Iowa City Council.

My life experiences have given me the perspective, judgment, and knowledge needed to sit on Council as a truly pragmatic candidate.

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Why I'm Running 

Economic Development

Our local economy is flourishing and should continue to do so. Iowa City draws retiring baby boomers, young professionals, working families, and individuals seeking a better standard of living. This growth is accompanied by an increased demand for housing, office space, and public services. We must plan to meet these needs with proposals that address both current and long term goals. I have the forward-thinking convictions needed to sustain the vitality of our City. 

Affordable Housing

We need more affordable housing in Iowa City. Fulfilling such a need does not happen overnight. It entails weaving together short-term projects, long-term economic development, types of housing, public transit, and social services. I have experience working with clients from diverse economic backgrounds and the creative, pragmatic view needed to make strides in affordable housing. 

The Future of Iowa City

 I will work to maintain a balance between growth of our community and stewardship of our historic assets. I know the hopes and concerns current and future residents share about our city In real estate I interact with all kinds of people: new arrivals coming here for the first time, long time residents changing neighborhoods, and those moving due to hardships and unforeseen life events. 

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