Campaign Kickoff Comments

Below is a transcript of my comments made at the campaign kickoff event held on August 20, 2015 at the Bread Garden Market in Iowa City, Iowa. 

I’m Tim Conroy, and I’m running for City Council. 

Iowa City is moving forward, and I’m running because I want to make it even better. I want to continue the economic growth, responsible development, and sense of community we enjoy here.

I’m not running because I think our city is broken. 

Just this week we were again ranked near the top of a list of the country’s best places to live.  We have worked hard to win this reputation, and it’s well deserved.  But we can’t take it for granted. The things we love about Iowa City are the same things that ensure it will grow and change. 

And this means that we need to be smart when developing policy.  We need to be pragmatic and we need to think ahead, so that even as our city grows and changes it still stays the place we love.  

Of course there will be growing pains, but that just makes it even more important that we listen to each other and not try to shout each other down. 

Healthy growth, progress, it won’t happen overnight, and it definitely won’t happen by accident.  

Striking a balance of short term and long term goals for our community will take time and effort. 

But not taking this time, not making this effort—instead just trying to keep things as they used to be—would let the changes that come to Iowa City undermine the foundations that have made our community so great. 

We must reach for our potential, together, and with your help this is what I will bring to City Council.